Tax the rich, feed the poor

This is part of a series I am going to do, as there are many important things I would like to speak about. Here you’ll find the summaries of each post. For a world who is so proud of our technological advances, we are relapsing and it’s time for me to unleash my frustrations.
We are a world who let a witty black president make us believe that we are overcoming racism. But we are regressing dangerously fast. Where it is okay to arrest a non-white child over a clock they thought was a bomb. Where it is okay for the police to violate someone just for being black.  Every black person is a thug, every Asian or Arab is a terrorist, every Mexican is a lazy criminal. But every white cop isn’t a violent, racist piece of shit – even though, painfully, we have a multitude of evidence for it. There is one and only one race that is never generalised. But no, we are definitely overcoming racism. There is definitely no preferred race in this world.
We are a world where feminists are becoming much more active. Women are becoming stronger, in charge of the image of their own bodies, because that is the most important thing we have to deal with, right? Not women being given the same recognition as men when achieving something great, not women being given the education to achieve the same or higher positions as men, but the right to be naked without being objectified. The right to be respected without having to earn it. Women have started to strip naked in order to reject objectification, to storm into religious meetings and proclaim that women must not have the choice to cover up, because to be free means to be naked. Women are denying other women the right to be their own woman. But feminism is definitely a step in the direction for all of us.
We are a world that believes that women should be their own type of beautiful, but men must still look like underwear models, a world where women claim to be in a patriarchal society but forget that men are subject to objectification too. We finally believe that women should reject the photoshopped images in magazines, containing standards of beauty that don’t exist. But we still have to conform to European standards, of course,  just without being stick thin – we have come to the conclusion that only fat women are “real women”. Instead of urging us to become fit, we must be happy with unhealthy bodies. Buzzfeed articles recreate Disney princesses as the “average woman”, telling us that ‘fat’ and unhealthy looking is average. The media tells us that we have to have European features and European skin, but the assets of “exotic” women. Sultry eyes, a big butt and everything else. But you have to be fair skinned. Body shaming begins again. Racism complements it.
We are a world where refugees flee for safety from the country they happened to be born in. Instead of being wished the safety that so many of us have, they are told to “go back to your country”. What country? In this world full of one race – the human race – divided by imaginary lines in the soil, by man made labels for the hue of our skin, the tinge of our accents, what is their country? We are a world who shares the same sky, a world who advocates human rights but tells a person to go back to the land they were born in, knowing full well they will be killed. We are a world who watches the plight of European countries on the news, but ignores the deaths of people in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, because we are used to hearing about it. We are a world who needs to see pictures of dead people on our expensive TVs in order to understand that not everybody is as fortunate as ourselves. Who will criticise a religion that makes it’s followers give to charity, but won’t donate a penny out of their own free will.
We are a world who complains about the problem of obesity, a world who blames it on fast food. Of people who waddle into a chain restaurant to buy greased up burgers and fries, and guzzle it down whilst pointing an angry finger at the McDonalds employee, telling them it’s their fault for serving us. You have the means to have the body you want, you have the CHOICE to not be obese. Fast food companies are businesses, they are here to make money like everyone else. They provide cheap food for people who eat in moderation and cannot be blamed for anything. You have the choice to eat salad. You have the choice to get up off your fat ass and go for a jog. We are now a world who fails to think for themselves and likes to place the blame on the closest person.
We are a world where countries have the money to build walls for division, to let people die in between lands that they can’t call their own. A world where the gap between the richest and the poorest is physically sickening, yet greed oozes out the pockets of those throwing money on materialistic things. A world where countries have the money to build nuclear weapons to help wipe out anybody necessary as long as it would gain them a powerful ally. But these countries will let their own people die of illness by refusing free healthcare. Because killing people in the chance that you will gain a new type of wealth is much more important than saving lives. We are a world where the richest people will spend on flashy cars and luxury hotels, but kick away the poorest who are too humble to even hold onto the hems of their trousers. Where the religious world leaders exemplify corruption and the poorest civilians never lose faith.
We are a world so absorbed by social media and reality TV, a world so absorbed with the lives of the rich and famous that we are blind to things outside our own bubble. We are a world where the only imagination we have are ones pre-created by someone for a soap opera, where books are thrown aside and the number of people with whole worlds imagined up in their minds is fast decreasing. We’re a world of people who will take things at face value, who will believe everything they read and everything they see, with no instinct to take it upon themselves and research something before opening their mouths. We are a population where the learned people are becoming so pathetic, so lacking of passion for anything that they could easily be replaced by robots.
We are a world who needs to fix up fast and set a real example for future generations.
– k.

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We are a world where it is becoming dangerously commonplace to slander religion, to openly disrespect it’s followers, to expect aggravation with no consequence.

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