Tell me that you want the kind of thing that money just can't buy

This is a really quick rant that I was just having on my snapchat. It’s about money, and as you may have gathered from a previous post about money and dreams, money really pisses me off. I love having it, everyone loves having it. It feels good to buy other people gifts, to give money to charity, and of course it also feels good to treat yourself. But this one is about excessive wealth and the power that money has over some people.
When you think of Muslim countries, you might think of wealth. You might think of ‘Arab money’, fast cars, tall beautiful buildings, glitzy malls and designer everything. Or you might think of war, of the innocent children and families that are living well below the poverty line. Right now, you will probably think of the latter, but the wealthy are always there in the background, quietly being rich. You might think of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, or the UAE. Or you might think of Yemen, Afghanistan, Palestine, Sudan, etc. Do you see where I’m going?
The problem with wealthy people isn’t their wealth. If you are wealthy, good for you! But if you have excessive wealth to the point that you spend on unnecessary things when you could be helping the less fortunate, if you have excessive wealth to the point that you gloat about it, I sincerely hope a calamity befalls you and rids you of your money so that, hopefully, you will be humbled. I feel sick to the stomach when I see Muslims being proud of the fact that there are a few Muslim countries that are wealthy, forgetting about the ones that are not. You are allowed to be rich. You are allowed to have a fancy car, and nobody knows what charitable things you may be doing behind closed doors. Nobody is telling you to donate all of your money so that you may live in poverty too. Spend all you want, but not for the purpose of showing it off. If you are someone who uses their wealth for a good purpose, then I am glad, but wealth isn’t something that should be shown off in any instance. Be rich, but without shouting it to the whole world. Give the charity that your wealth permits you to, and do it secretly, never to show people that you’re doing a good deed.
But as I said, excessive wealth and spending, such materialism is disgusting. When I see people with instagrams that boast about how much money they are making, about all of their designer clothes and how they (obviously) think it makes them better than everyone else, I feel sick and embarrassed. When I see people belittle others who shop at cheaper stores, I feel sick and embarassed. If you know me, you know I can suffer from severe secondhand embarrassment, and these are the type of people to make me feel this the most. People who talk about how ‘money is the motive’ make me laugh. ‘While you were living your life, I was working day and night getting this money’.  Congratulations, you spend all your life working every day so that you can have more money than everyone else, that is how dull and without substance you are. Are you proud? Are you proud that money has this much power over your small mind?
Are you going to take that money to the grave with you? Aka your hole in the dirt, the same size as everyone elses? Do you expect to be washed with expensive bottled artesian water and wrapped in designer cloth? I don’t understand. Some will say “I’m leaving it behind for my children”, okay how about you leave something more valuable behind first? Like morals, like invaluable lessons and knowing that their parent/s cared about more than just money.
Dream of a career that you love so much that you don’t care if it doesn’t pay you enough to have three houses, that you forget it’s a job. Work hard enough to be able to live comfortably and provide for your family, and let anything else follow. Don’t study for the job that pays the most, study what you’re going to enjoy so much that you’re going to love whatever job your skills land you. So many women yearn for a lavish wedding and a husband who drives a fancy car and can shower her with gifts. How about longing for someone you can love even if they are penniless? Someone who makes you feel like you have everything in the world even if they could  give you nothing? (This also goes for the men who yearn for the most physically attractive woman). Have some real goals.
But at the end of the day, the best kind of wealth is that in knowledge or love. It is often the people with nothing who have the kindest hearts and the strongest faith.
When you can feel rich without having any money, you have won at life.

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