The best shows on Netflix right now

I’m not a serial killer.
Yes, Archer is probably my favourite show in the entire world. Closely followed by the Walking Dead. Yes, Krieger is one of my favourite fictional characters in the entire world, closely followed by Daryl.
No, the Walking Dead isn’t on Netflix.
I wish I could be the person who was really interested in only one genre so that you could trust my opinion on shows of that genre, except no I don’t because that would be boring. Instead, I watch different genres, but here’s the catch: I am so hard to impress when it comes to TV. Much like books, I rarely ever finish an entire series/keep up with new episodes. I hate it when people suggest shows to me and tell me to watch them because I’M SORRY BUT I WON’T WATCH IT. Which renders me writing this post a little bit ironic… but I’m never going to watch Game of Thrones. And I’m never going to watch Pretty Little Liars.
There are a few shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime that have impressed me, either now or in the past, and I’m about to list those of the Netflix variety here, because I feel like more people have Netflix than Prime. I also think that most people will have already watched some of what is on this list, but after conversing with a few people who have actually never seen any of the things I watch, I decided to do this.
Let me just reiterate – if I’m suggesting you watch something, you’d better believe it’s really good.  Let me also tell you that I have only watched every single episode of two shows on this list…
Jane the Virgin
This is my newest endeavour. I’ve been hearing so many good things about this show, but the title and the preview pictures made me go nah. It didn’t look like the kinda thing I would like – but no! This is actually really good. I’m only four episodes in, and I love Jane. I also love her and her fiancé. Do they really end up getting married? I’m guessing she ends up with the guy that that everyone is swooning over who, by the way, I don’t find attractive. Don’t tell me anything, I’ll start episode 5 today.

American Horror Story
I couldn’t watch this at night alone because I was scared. YES, I admitted it. It is so well executed. But yes, everyone knows AHS is good. Every single episode is amazing, the acting is amazing. Everything is so weird and I love it.
I’m not gonna lie. I don’t watch this anymore; my attention span was short because I was watching this in between studying, so I just stopped. I do want to pick it back up again, because this show is really good. And it was a very nice, very welcome change from either supernatural or science-based shows. I love legal shows/movies, and if you do too, you’ll love this.
Orphan Black
Ohhhh man. Tatiana Maslany. This woman is all kinds of great, and every single episode I forget that it’s actually the same person playing all these characters. Every episode I’ve seen is so full of action. I’ll admit, I haven’t really seen much character development in this show, but it’s okay because Allison is my fave.
Rick and Morty
Ummmmm new Rick and Morty episodes????? YES! I’m not gonna talk about this show because: hilarious. Every episode. Really, just believe me it’s really good. It’s the kinda thing you watch at night when you’re high/binge eating at 2am.
Teen Wolf
Do I need to say anything?? I abandoned this after season 3 or something, but not out of choice. I regret it because this show is so good. Scott and Stiles will give you serious friendship goals: someone please give me a friend like Stiles. Please. There’s so much character development, there is SO MUCH CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. And there’s so much going on in every single episode. There was never an episode I watched where I thought ‘omg hurry up so I can get to the next one’, as I think often with many shows. But, fortunately, I’m trying to catch up now as it comes to an end. Sniff. I’m gonna miss it.
Here we are: my favourite ever animated show and one of my all time favourite shows ever. I watched the entire series in such a short amount of time. And then I re-watched the entire series. And then I re-watched it again. And now there’s more episodes. I will continue to re-watch this show for as long as I live. It is so quotable, it is actually, honestly, for real, laugh-out-loud hilarious, and I love H. Jon Benjamin. And yes, Krieger remains my fave.

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