The subliminal mind fuck America

Has any song ever been so relevant? Remember when people made fun of me for having this on repeat?
You know what I want? What I really, really want? Garlic bread with cheese. From Pizza Hut. I have yet to find a garlic bread that satisfies me more than that garlic bread, and I’m tempted to go to Pizza Hut right now just for that. Because at least I don’t have to worry that someone’s going to shoot me dead for being a brown, Muslim girl going to go get some garlic bread.
But right now, I’m feeling sorry for hard-working and educated Americans.
“THIS IS AMERICA BITCH”. As I said those words, you imaged a white, aggressive male, probably from a Southern state. Now times that by a bajillion and that’s how many people are now openly using ‘this is America’ to fuel their racism.
This is America, bitch” now means “This is a land where I can be racist, shoot you, also Mexicans and Muslims get out. My president said so.”

Tell me more about the “Land of the Free” who elects a racist, failed businessman who assaults women and is literally the nastiest person on the entire planet. Imagine he did this whole thing as a joke because, let’s face it, he doesn’t know the first thing about running a country. Because he’s too stupid and didn’t think the Americans were stupid enough to actually elect him. Maybe he thought there were enough stupid people to show that he was a threat, but the number of intelligent Americans would outweigh them. In which case, how wrong he was. Or maybe this whole thing was a joke and he intends on actually being a good president? No? Too far-fetched?
Make America great again. I’m going to assume that making it great ‘again’ means returning it to the natives and kicking out the racist white men.
Probably the scariest thing about Trump as president is that it has revealed just how much of the US population is racist and misogynistic. Just how much of the population thinks it’s okay to sexually assault people. Just how much of the population are ignorant and stupid enough to support wall to keep Mexicans out that must be PAID FOR by the Mexicans themselves. Idiots everywhere.
We expected southern states to vote for Trump. But imagine how many Americans in places like Florida will now be terrified of stepping outside because the benefit of the doubt has slipped away and now they know that the strangers who walk past them are likely to have voted Trump? How many will be terrified because some white prick can now SHOOT THEM just because Trump has justified and given voice to their racism, and because GUNS ARE LEGAL in that shite excuse of a country? IMAGINE. In Britain, we should count our lucky stars that guns aren’t legal here. Having said that, though, we’d never have a government that stupid.
Amazing. We complained about Brexit, but this is another level. We were pissed off because a bunch of old racist people who are going to be dead in 10 years decided the WRONG future for the younger, important generation. I suppose you’ll only have him for four years, in which time gun crime will rise to an all time high, “mentally ill” white people will increase dramatically, murders of innocent black people will rise and deportation of hard-working South Americans will be as active as ever.
Obama was shit too, by the way. But he was sneaky. Trump is open about his bullshit.
Who am I kidding, the Western world is finally going to shits. Which means the rest of the world is  probably going to go to shits too. But at least they can laugh at the West whilst they do.

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