The Versatile Blogger Award

Yes, you read that right. All that time spent indoors and trying to create a semblance of an online presence. God loves ugly x

Sooooo I was nominated by Abbie (who is so hecking nice, follow her on everything right now) for the Versatile Blogger Award and seeing that made me go ‘!!!!!’.
I’m really, really picky with everything in life. Just like generally. I’m picky with what I wear, with who I talk to, with the movies I watch. I’m not picky with food tho. Don’t ever ask me where I want to eat because I don’t know!!! I DON’T KNOW!!!!! I AM A FAT GANNET I’LL EAT ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!
I am also picky with the things that I read; if I don’t like the writing style or the content is too uniform and boring, I’ll just never visit that blog again. Soz. So listen to me when I tell you to check out Abbie’s blog: I love her writing style and really look forward to reading what she posts next. I’m probably gonna have a go at those body scrubs cos ain’t nobody got time to throw £500 at Lush.
I never knew about the ‘blogger community’ until Twitter, and I’ve learnt that this is one that involves support and positivity. It’s so much nicer than catty, bitchy competitiveness that you see everywhere (amongst girls, really). Hopefully more guys get into blogging; it’s cooler than you think. Everyone is cool. Nobody tears anybody down. And that’s exactly what this award about. I suppose I’m a ‘versatile’ blogger in that I’m a dumb idiot who doesn’t have a theme and instead vomits out all the shit that lies in my head. Oops.
Anyway. So I gotta give you seven facts about myself. This is “let’s go around the room and say something interesting about ourselves”, isn’t it? Alright.

1] I love music. My favourite writer isn’t an author per se, but he writes nonetheless. He is a master of words, a poet. He’s also my favourite artist (musical). It’s Aesop Rock. No not ASAP Rocky – don’t say those words to me or I’ll bite your head off. This is probably the most important fact about me you’ll ever learn, so remember dat. I am a Rhymesayers bish through and through.

2] I can sleep. I can always sleep. I could wake up from an eight hour sleep and have a nap half an hour later. Even whilst I’m in the middle of doing something, I can stop and nap. I have thought about napping whilst on a rollercoaster and concluded that I could do it, were it long enough. You got a bed, a floor, a shoulder for me,  I’m gonna sleep.

3] I am super into all things Nordic. I’d say Scandinavian, but we know that technically doesn’t include Finland, and I adore Finland. I used to dream about Finland in my teenage years. The thought of Sweden makes me happy.

4] Despite how I act, I’m a hopeless romantic. Like the super affectionate gushy type. But I’m also a hard azz bish who don’t need no man.

5] TWD SPOILERS ALERT: TV doesn’t make me cry but screw you AMC. I have cried like a bitch watching the Walking Dead. Hershel. Glenn. When Rick found out Lori died. When Maggie found out Beth died. When Maggie cries I cry.

6] I am a cat person. I don’t know how to act around dogs. I want to live in an apartment alone with my sphynx.

7] I am lame. Like super lame. Like singing Bonnie Tyler in the car and playing Sims 3 kinda lame. My idea of a good time is laying in bed with my headphones and snacks with no commitments the next day. I also like going on walks because I’m an old man.

Now that you’ve made it to the end of this post where I shamelessly talk about myself, here’s the better part. It’s the part where I nominate other people and rave about their work. They’ve probably already been nominated but honestly I’m hungry and thinking about the biryani I missed out on so allow me and just check out their blogs, thanks x

8 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Kamilah this was so lovely. AND your thoughts + words about me were so lovely too. I too am super duper lame. Westlife lame. So i’m probably a couple levels of cheesy loser lame above you with Ms Tyler. You rock tho queen K!

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