No world's tiniest violin song [Things I don't fuck with]

Hello, I haven’t posted in almost two months because I am useless. But I’m here now, making a comeback in the most fitting fashion – by complaining.
Let me give you a little update, though, particularly on the little subject  that is my brain. I feel like after making some changes a few months ago (that I may or may not write a post on soon), I’ve become a completely different person. I am so positive, overall a lot happier with myself and life in general and it’s siq. I have adopted the attitude of ‘shit happens, life goes on’, as opposed to my previous ‘pick apart and analyse every single thing that has gone wrong ever, and do this until I go crazy’.
But the only thing is that I’m buzzing with all this positive energy and nobody to share it with. I’m finding myself craving some emotional connection somewhere, not necessarily romantic (and I’m trying to find it over a zoot). More often than not I have this strong desire to just sit and talk. Just talk and listen. Mostly listen. It’s not that myself isn’t enough, it’s that I literally have all this extra happiness going to waste, you know? If I could clone myself, I would. Science side of wordpress, make it happen.
But for now, let me stop being a soppy bitch and bring it back down to reality.  It’s not all rainbows and Nando’s, because shit pisses us all off in real life. I’m gonna tell you mine in the hopes that you never bring them my way, thanks x

I know. I get it, really. I used to be the queen of pessimism. I used to mope around and complain all the time; I know this sounds so ironic and hypocritical considering the nature of this post and my posts in general, but get this – it’s my self depreciating sense of humour, it’s not reflective of my attitude in general. Shit pisses me off, but I am a positive person. Now I just leave my complaining to a post every now and then, but my outlook on life is mostly positive. I don’t fuck with people constantly raining on everyones parade, bringing negative energy everywhere they go. That shit spreads like wildfire, it’s so contagious. But, fortunately, positivity is even more contagious and I love people who inspire me. It’s easier than you think to look at everything in a positive light. Every shit thing that happens to you is a learning curve, every good thing that ever happens to you is a result of everything that has happened in the past. Better times are just around the corner, you just gotta go find it.
Don’t play games. Just don’t. Games don’t make me interested, they do the opposite; if I don’t like it, I’ll quit. The older I get, the more confused I am about the fact  that there are people my age still playing games. How do you have the time and energy for that? In this day and age, I barely have time to sustain one train of thought for myself, let alone confuse someone else. I feel like if I was playing games with people, I would eventually not even have the time to do that because I’d be napping so much out of exhaustion. Playing games is hard work. It’s just common courtesy and efficiency to always be 100% honest and transparent with whatever you’re doing and whoever you’re dealing with. Make your intentions clear from the get-go. If you change your mind, let that be known too. If you play games, stay far away from me. Do not pass go, do not collect £200.
There is no forgiving a snake. I can’t do it. I’m petty to that degree – although I’m not sure I’d call it pettiness as opposed to being real. If you fuck me over, you are dead, dead, dead to me. I can be civil in the sense that I won’t punch you in the head, but I cannot pretend to be cool with anybody that I’m not cool with. I won’t do it for any reason. ‘Can you just be nice to them for me?‘ No, I absolutely cannot. If you expect me to fake it, to be nice to said snake, I will lose respect for you also. I need people who have my back, I need people that I can trust. Don’t show me your multiple faces and expect me to trust you. Hiss hiss, motherfucker.
Male entitlement
Men are so annoying sometimes. I actually have to stop and mentally slap myself, because more often than not they really make me believe in evolution. Don’t get me wrong, guys are great sometimes. They can be cool, fun, and interesting. I myself haven’t met many of those. I have met a few of the other shop, though. They can also be childish, liars, and soooooooo entitled. You are not the superior sex, you are just the other sex. You can’t just expect people to know your intentions, but you also can’t expect to have everything your way.  You can’t just do what you want without regard for other people, you absolute psychopath. The ‘friend zone’ is not a thing – it’s the default zone, and don’t even get me started on the ‘booty call zone’ which YOU are infamous for placing women in. You are also not entitled to women; if she doesn’t want you, get over it. Goddamn egos.

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