My intuition is telling me there'll be better days [Things we're leaving in 2018]

Number one: calling yourself a blogger when you only write blog posts once every few months haha fuck those guys haha.
Anyway, I feel like I have to end 2018 with a post in my true fashion. By telling you about things that get on my tits and asking you to stop doing them. And nobody is going to listen anyway, so watch this space for the exact same post, word for word, in 12 months. There’s a lot of swearing in this one, hold tight.
Disclaimer: when I say ‘we’ or ‘us’ or ‘our’ throughout this post,  I don’t mean myself because, of course, I’m not a fucking idiot. I mean u man.
1] Filming our generosity
Pls I’m tired. I’m tired of people filming themselves giving money or food to the less fortunate. Some guy with white teeth and a fresh trim will have a wad of cash in his hand and give it to a homeless man who only expected coins. He will act like he’s God for putting a smile on that mans face. That man is not a fucking gimmick or a prop to make yourself look better. Fuck you. That includes you, Drake.
I’m especially tired of people filming the lack of ‘gratitude’ they receive. Are you helping people because you actually want to help them, or are you helping them because you want to feed your ego and get battered by Zizek? Their response to your generosity shouldn’t matter. It’s natural to be pissed off at ingratitude,  but you don’t film that shit or shout about it. You move on because you did all that you could, and then you save that and help someone else next time.
2] Being problematic
I saw that people were making an issue about the white model in a Black Panther jumper. First of fucking all, Wakanda isn’t real. Second of all, are you TELLING me that white people aren’t allowed to buy that? Are you telling me that only black people are allowed to be fans of Black Panther? Are only white children allowed Spiderman toys? Get a fucking grip please. Better burn all my band shirts because none of them are brown.
Race is obviously a sensitive topic, but if this wasn’t bad enough, it’s now about gender. Can you lot in particular just fuck off. If you look like a woman, and not just a feminine man, in which case I WILL tiptoe around your gender and be careful with my pronouns, I’m gonna refer to you as such. Don’t come at me in your makeup, hourglass figure and feminine voice, and then hit me with ‘did you just assume my gender?’ Stop it. You are not woke. You are a fool. If you simply tell me you wanna be referred to with a different pronoun, I’ll do it.
Unisex toilets, on that note, are weird to me. It’s nothing to do with being transphobic; it’s about changing what we’re so used to. If you want to wake up one day and decide you’re a different gender, fine! That’s … fine. But don’t expect me to know that, because we all have an idea of what men and women look like, as we have done for the past six hundred trillion gazillion forever years. I’m not gonna rant about my opinion on this topic in general.. yet.. but just know I will use the word ‘bullshit’ a lot when I do decide to write about it.
Being offended is fine. Nobody can decide what you take offence to; just tell people what you want and how you feel. Do not start pointing fingers and accusing people of discrimination. Social media really does brainwash people, because suddenly we’re all tumbling down this hill picking up as many “YOU’RE RACIST/SEXIST/HOMOPHOBIC/TRANSPHOBIC”s as possible. Just shut up and live your life.
3] Only caring about mental health when we feel like it.
Are any of my posts complete without a note on mental health? Nope.
Let’s take celebrities for example. Chris Cornell suffered. Mac Miller suffered. Chester Bennington. Robin Williams. Whoever the fuck else. Great, talented, influential, yes. But no more important than every single other person who suffers from mental illness. As if that wasn’t bad enough, we only care about mental health of ‘likeable’ people. I saw a picture of Pete Davidson looking like shit with variations of the caption ‘Ariana vs Pete after the breakup LOL’ and I’m baffled. When you can clearly see someone suffering and mock them whilst simultaneously bashing that same person for hurting someone else, I’m baffled. Do we actually care about mental health, or just the mental health of people we like?
We don’t give money to homeless people because we think they’re going to spend it on alcohol, and apparently they’re not allowed a coping mechanism if they can’t afford it. Especially not the way we can on a Friday night when we need to deal with the fact that we’ve spent 5 out of 7 days slaving away at work.
Everybody has depression, but the schizo is a fucking freak. Everybody thinks they’re edgy for loving serial killer documentaries and wanting to have dinner with Ted Bundy without even knowing anything about him, but put them in the same room as a victim of psychosis and they’re going to chew their way through the walls because they probably think they’re going to catch the crazy.
4] Bros before hoes
I keep seeing posts about how terrible it is to put your partner before your friends, and I can only think of one thing: grow up. It’s usually teenagers and people who don’t have their priorities in check that are saying this. That’s fine, because when you’re younger, your lil girlfriend is probably temporary and she knows that. But when you’re older, this shit really does become a problem and it’s time to reflect. You need to create new boundaries.
Example. I’m 23. If one of my guy friends has a girlfriend and has to cut me off, I’m gonna understand. I’m not even gonna be pissed. Even if our friendship was always platonic, I’m gonna respect that she is his girl, so she comes first. I will absolutely not come for her, unless she comes for me. It would be fucking weird if he put me first. That is, word for word, something I’ve already said before. I mean honestly, do I expect him to pick me so we can run off into the sunset? Fuck off. I’ll cut myself off for you to save you embarrassing your girl.
The past doesn’t matter, people come and go, and you have to prioritise the right things for yourself and your future. Sometimes you gotta go through shit to know that you’re gonna make that person feel secure and that nobody/nothing else matters. Sacrifices are a thing. We are growing up in 2019.
5] Santorini
I’m sick of seeing that white and blue bullshit on my timeline. It doesn’t even look good. I don’t even wanna go there. Stop sharing that shit, I don’t care.
6] Expecting change
A wise man once said… the only real change come from inside. Change happens when you make it happen, or when you least expect it. When you sit there expecting a situation to change, or expecting a person to change, it will not happen. If they’ve told you they don’t want you, take it as it is and expect it not to change. If they’ve told you you’re getting a pay rise and they haven’t done it three months later, get out of there. If they apologise and tell you they’re going to change, but their actions say different, for gods sake stop giving them the benefit of the doubt. It ain’t happening.
Change happens with your mindset. Rinse and repeat.
7] Being emotionless
This ain’t it anymore. I used to feel like this and I thought it helped me, but it did not. I was a shell. I was not fun to be around. I pushed people away and only realised it when it was too late. I was young dumb, young, young dumb and broke. And I was scared. It protected me, sure, but I wasn’t really living. It’s not fun. It ain’t fun denying yourself of something you might really want out of fear that it’ll fuck you up again. You want to feel things, and feel them strongly. Pain, happiness, sadness, excitement. Sometimes life is really out to get you and turn you back into that shell, but you need to power through it.
Stop being too scared to be yourself out of fear of how it’ll make you look. Women, you need to stop being the bad bitch because you secretly think men love it; I know your games gurl. Men, you need to dash the ego out of the window and talk about how you feel. We love that shit, but forget about us; it’s healthy to do that. It’s not just about being emotionless with regards to a potential partner, but I know that’s the only language people really understand on the internet. I mean generally. Do what you want, and do what makes you happy. To thine own self be true, bishez.
8] ‘Family comes first’
Let’s not do this.

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