To do and not to do – Ramadan

I’m salivating in my misery too.
Oh yeah, in said misery, I forgot to say it’s Ramadan…
I’ve noticed a few people have been reading this old Ramadan post that I wrote last year, so I should really come back with another one. The problem is, I don’t really have much to add to that post. So, er… Isn’t it weird and beautiful how the weather suddenly took a turn for the cooler/windier/rainier as soon as Ramadan began?
I do have some questions. Why are girls posting snaps of themselves half naked, and snaps from weeks ago from when they were in the club? Wherefore? I don’t know what guys are doing but I’m guessing taking videos of themselves driving in their car with music on? I say that because girls are doing it and guys are even more douchey.
I digress. I’m supposed to be trying to stay positive.
As I’ve mentioned before, I’m very lethargic this year. I’m finding it difficult, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the acceptability of snacking at 1am. Once again, I’m losing muscle and fat in the wrong places.
Anyway enough about me, shut up, here are some dos and don’ts:

Try to sleep after iftar, so that you don’t spend the whole day sleeping instead. It’s a waste of time. I realised how much time I waste just eating, and if I wasn’t so tired, I would have gotten so much done.
Open up dates before you eat them. I cringe when I see people just put a date in their mouth straight without checking for bugs.
Drink enough water. I’ve been drinking more water during Ramadan than any other time. I haven’t been sleeping after iftar though. If you do, then drink lots of water before you sleep so you’re both adequately hydrated and woken up by a need to pee a couple hours later.
Read Quran. In Arabic, preferably, I guess, but after reading it so many times I realised there was no point if I didn’t know what I was reading. I’ve read parts of it in English, but I bought a beautiful, reliable English translation (finally) and I’m reading that. In times where I felt I was losing religion, reading it has helped a lot
Drink a massive glass of water for iftar. Your stomach won’t be able to handle the sudden surge of liquid. It will hurt. Sip a little and eat some dates.
Skip prayers. There is no point in fasting if you don’t pray. Your fast is not even accepted if you don’t pray. Unless you pray, you’ve just starved yourself for nothing.
Be that asshat who tells people not to eat in front of them because you’re fasting. Obviously in certain situations people can avoid it – like going into a different room in the house. But if you’re really that bothered by them eating, leave.
Starve yourself if you’re on your period. You’re not permitted to fast – why should you not eat just to avoid people questioning you?
Play music out loud in your car. If you want to listen to it, then do so. But don’t play it loud enough for other people to be subject to your idiocy.


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