Today is a day.

Hello. New years are a time of reflection and turning over a new leaf, “new year, new -” no I’m kidding, New Years don’t mean a thing to me. Time is a man made concept and is  just a way to group together all the sunrises and sunsets and everything in between, simply for an easy way to recall memories and make plans. I therefore do not see a new calendar as the ending of one period of time and the start of another. My life is continuous, not made up of discrete units thank you, and until you create a physical door for me to shut out all of the previous year, I’ll continue to live as such.
But having said that, it’s a great way for people to reflect on the previous year; what changes have occurred and what has stayed the same, what friends you have lost, known by the number of “Happy new year” texts you receive from unsaved numbers (fortunately I’m too much of a loner for that to happen to myself). But to me, January the 1st is just another day and I don’t do any more reflecting than I would do on a normal day. But I hope you all stayed safe and didn’t do anything stupid on the last day of 2015, and if you have new years resolutions, I hope you stick to them! I don’t have any, I don’t plan to do anything differently except uni-related things that are only in place because of the new semester, rather than the new year. I want to do things because I feel it is the right time to do them, or because I have  the will and the means to – not because of a promise I made to 2016! Anyway, moving on from my gloominess.
I guess a lot of people need that push to finally make a change in their life, and if the beginning of a new year is the pivot that you need, then that’s great and you should work hard to attain the goals you’ve set for yourself! Personally, I only do the same thing in that I only start studying once the clock hits an o’clock or a half past, but that’s all…I’m stubborn in that I won’t let a clock or a calendar control and guilt trip me. I hate looking into the past, but I figured that the only reason I would look at a whole year in hindsight is for a blog post – it might be a bit blerhh of me to talk about 2015, but I didn’t have time to do a 2015 favourites post. So I’m just here to wish you blessings for the new year (unless you’re an asshole, then I just pray you stop being one or that you pay for being an asshole this year and that it’ll change you), and that my next post will hopefully be a 2015 favourites! If I stop being lazy.
– k.

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  1. Happy new year to you too – even if it doesn’t mean much to you
    An imaginary pause and reflect/reset button is what I see New Years as. Reflect on what went well and keep doing it and the crap so I can stop! 🙂

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