"Victim blaming"

Me: buzzfeed is the worst website on the planet
GOOD MORNING AND WHAT A TIME TO BE PISSED OFF!  This is what I really call a good morning.
So, I admit I use buzzfeed a lot – but never for actual news. Going to buzzfeed for real news is stupid; I use it for actual stupid things. But I saw something that intrigued me.
The headline was A Teen Magazine has Apologised for Calling a Rape Victim a ‘Willing Player'”; I was interested because I knew she probably wasn’t raped, and she probably was a willing player.
And I was right.
tl;dr A girl went over to a guys house when nobody was home. They danced, they kissed, they drank, and when they started ‘doing stuff’, she didn’t protest. They had sex and now she feels guilty because she doesn’t remember anything.
I get the columnist could have been a little nicer in the response to a stranger asking for advice, but, let’s be real, she just said what a lot of us were thinking. If my friend had come to me with that same problem, I would have said the exact same thing. Probably been a little harsher too.
So in the comments, people are saying she was ‘raped’ and she’s a ‘victim’.

“I had too much to drink and did not protest”

All these people are calling her a victim, that the columnist is victim blaming, that it’s “disgusting”. Here’s my two cents: it doesn’t matter if she was drunk, she gave consent. SHE! GAVE! CONSENT! BECAUSE! SHE! DIDN’T! PROTEST!
I’m sorry – is there a part where people stop in their tracks and say “okay we’re going to have sex now, do I have your consent just say yes or no” ?
Wake up Susan, this is the real world. I’d hope it’s a little more fluid than that. People read signals based on whether the other person is going along with it or they’re pushing them away saying NO. And if you’re not doing the latter, you’re consenting.
It’s her own fault she was drunk; you make a conscious decision to drink. If the alcohol is your problem, ban alcohol! It’s that simple, because then there would be none of these kind of debates going on!
But no, we live in a world of idiots.
Aka feminists, who think everything can be spun around and called ‘rape’. How about you take responsibility for your actions? You didn’t need to go to his house and you didn’t need to drink. But you did. So hey ho.
Apparently ‘the alcohol is irrelevant, and he shouldn’t have raped her’. But he didn’t rape her because she was drunk and went along with it, so I cannot fathom what reactions are occurring in your tiny brains.
It is literally her own fault. She wasn’t raped, she had sex after drinking too much and that’s the end of the story. Shit happens, stupid people exist, move on. There is no victim blaming going on because she’s not a victim. Society is bullshit, feminism is bullshit for having the mentality that “If she was drunk, he shouldn’t have taken advantage”.
Here’s a thought; maybe he was drunk too. Here’s another thought; maybe he wasn’t drunk, but it doesn’t change the fact that she didn’t protest.
We’re currently living in a world where “just because she didn’t protest, doesn’t mean she gave consent.” Please let that sink in. Really think about that statement.
“Just because she let it happen doesn’t mean she let it happen”.
How is it not bullshit that drugs are illegal for their harmful effects but alcohol is not illegal for THESE AND OTHER harmful effects? How about we OUTLAW ALCOHOL in order to prevent girls doing STUPID THINGS and then blaming the guy when they feel guilty and dirty afterwards? How about we outlaw alcohol for literally all the bad things it does to everyone because it’s disgusting. Just because you can’t handle your drink, doesn’t mean you can start getting other people into trouble for something you willingly did. About ‘rape’. Don’t piss me off.
I just want to point out here, if it isn’t obvious already, that my anger isn’t directed at the girl who asked for the advice. She just wanted advice on how to move forward, she didn’t say she was ‘raped’. It’s towards all the people who are calling her a “rape victim” and that the columnist is “victim blaming”.
She was stupid, but she wasn’t raped.
If someone could please tell me, coherently, why people are angry and calling this victim blaming I would be grateful. Because you’re all stupid and naive.

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