Who's your daddy

Me, I’m your daddy.
Guys, I’m here to save your lives. It’s time to get psyched.
I mean, this is about helping you save your skin and your wallet at the same time. It’s about a face mask. A homemade face mask.
I’m not just raving about this because it’s cheap, even though it is in fact dirt cheap. I’ve gone through countless Lush masks (the fresh-faced ones), L’Oreal masks and Dr Organic masks. But none of them really work for me like this one, made entirely of things you should have in your kitchen already (if you’re brown, you will definitely have all these things).
Buckle up and sit tight, because I’m about to blow your mind. Here’s what you’ll need:

A rounded teaspoon of gram flour 

About a quarter teaspoon of turmeric

Half a teaspoon of honey 

A tiny splash of lemon juice

A drop of aloe vera gel

About 5 lil baby drops of tea tree oil

MIX IT ALL UP AND SLATHER. I mean don’t slather too much, because, depending on how liberal you were, the honey might drip down your face and that’s v annoying. The consistency should be like a paste. If you fucked up, just add some more flour and turmeric accordingly.

That’s the texture you’re looking for. I think she is impressed.
Leave it on for half an hour before you go to sleep, rinse off, follow with your usual night routine (I use a glycolic toner and a vitamin E night cream). Girl, guy, you’re gonna be waking up looking like the SUN.
Speaking of which, here are a few notes:

  • Do this at night. Do not do it right before you have to go somewhere, because a) there’s turmeric in there and b) your skin needs to breathe after letting all that awesome potion sink in.
  • If you’re on the paler side, you might wanna put a little less turmeric in otherwise you will literally look like the sun. It’ll eventually wash off, and tbh it won’t be a problem if you listen to me and only do it at night.
  • A paste of turmeric and tea tree oil is also a really good spot treatment!!! Just dab em on for however long you want and wash off before you sleep. We don’t want yellow pillows round here.

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    1. Umm depends on how fair your skin is. You might be left with a slight yellow tinge lol but it defo comes off!!!! Wash it off properly and follow with a toner 🙂

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