Your best ain't good enough [June Journal]

Today’s prompt: Your best qualities
Oh dang. Time to toot my own horn.
Let’s do this in list form because it feels more uniform and factual and not like I’m trying to show off.
1] I voted labour
I care. Even if I was a millionaire, I would vote labour. Even if I didn’t care about other people, even if I didn’t need the NHS, even if I didn’t want to be heavily taxed in order to help the poor. I would never want a person like Theresa May making the decisions of this country. And I just wanna say, before this list really begins, if Corbyn doesn’t win, I WILL cry myself to sleep tomorrow night.
2] I’m realist
But I can also be a hopeless romantic. I can be positive in the right situations, but overall I’m a realist. That way I’m never too disappointed. I can be passionate but I can also think logically. And I think that’s the best combination to be. I think I give good advice. I give good advice, right?
3] I listen to good music
Seriously. I don’t listen to bullshit. I can say this with confidence because I can’t listen to music about sex/drugs i.e today’s popular black music – I’m not being racist because I’m aware that it’s not solely black. But the popular ones are. It so misogynistic. I can’t listen to music about cheating, about side hoes, I cannot listen to anything about sex. I literally, physically cannot listen to anything like that or even be around music like that. Everything I listen to is actually good without being restricted to one genre.
4] I am honest
Honestly, my honesty may diminish if you make me feel like I can’t be honest with you. If you put me in a position where I’m threatened or my honesty angers you, depending on who you are. If you feel like I’m being dishonest to you, you have a part to play in it. But as a whole, I can’t pretend. I definitely can’t be two faced. This is why I only have three friends, to all of whom I am completely honest. I can’t be around people I don’t like, who have opposing values to me, I cannot pretend to like people.
5] I have manners
This one should be something everybody has, I know, but unfortunately they don’t. Some people get angry at the helpless sales assistant. Some people don’t clean up after themselves when they go out to eat. Some people don’t smile at cleaners. Some people don’t have patience, don’t know the words ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and ‘it’s okay’. Some people don’t give way on the road. Some people cheat, lie, steal. Some people are loud and disgusting on the streets. Fortunately, I was raised to not do any of these things.
I’m going to stop there because it’s getting a little uncomfortable for me to be talking about things I like about myself. Is that a good quality in itself? Who knows.

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